Real Estate Agent / Broker Professional Liability Insurance

“Alarming Trend”

There is an alarming amount of claims occurring in the Real Estate Agent Market. The more knowledgeable you are about this trend the better you can advise your current clients and become a resource to draw-in new customers.

The amount of claims due to Discrimination is rising and more severe than those of Negligence or Failure to Disclose Defects. The HUD, State Commissions on Human Rights, and other non-profit organizations are arranging for “testers” to go into offices and see if agents respond the same way to protected classes as they do those not in protected classes. The defense cost of these claims can average over $100,000.

Make sure you are properly informed on what is necessary to protect your customers from these types of claims. Give us a call today and speak with our expert staff that stays current on trends and changes in Professional Liability for the Real Estate Agent and Broker Markets.