Alexander J. Wayne &Associates, Inc., in concert with the Geography Department of a large University, is engaged in a pilot program that has the potential to favorably impact property rates for public entities. We are testing the MPP, utilizing the University’s expertise and software on all members of a large County Mutual insurance pool.

The methodology employed, uses sophisticated mapping techniques derived from satellite imagery and FEMA overlays. Ultimately, the project will overlay specific physical addresses along with site elevations tagged to those buildings and exposed properties. In time, additional tools will be developed from this MPP having to do with the quantification of total exposures to flood and possibly earthquake. The variables involved are the specific address, value and elevation above ground level. From this analytic, one could derive total values above (or below) a certain elevation to represent exposures at risk along a scale. Of course there would need to be qualitative factors such as exposure to type of structure. A water treatment facility might be impervious to flood waters for example.