A professional in any field can be sued for an actual or alleged error or omission. Their personal fortune is on the line when they are named in a professional liability lawsuit, and they may not have been responsible for the alleged mistake. In other words, an individual could not hide behind the corporate veil for an error or omission.

E&O claims do not tend to be frequent, but they can be severe. For this reason, professionals might not know they have the exposure. Having insurance to cover E&O can also be used for the professional’s marketing efforts.

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We have more than 40 different potential markets that will consider Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance. Our facilities can do the following:

  • Extremely wide range of classes considered (too extensive to list in full)
  • Limits from $100,000 to $10,000,000+
  • Minimum Premium: $750
  • Defense in addition to the limits of liability available
  • Contingent bodily injury & property damage available
  • Special expertise to properly treat E&O exposure
  • Tailored coverages to meet requirements of specific occupations
  • Markets “A” Rated by A.M. Best Company
  • Group or association programs
  • Third party discrimination coverage available
  • Defense for fee disputes available
  • Full prior acts available
  • Excess limits available
  • Extremely quick turnaround
  • First Dollar defense available

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