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Our Intention:Is to provide Municipal Pools with the necessary data, comprised of compelling evidence, which can then be used to demonstrate a decrease in overall exposure lowering rates.

Property Rate Relief

Flood coverage is one of the most expensive components of your property program. By using sophisticated
MAPPING techniques, an insured can demonstrate to INSURERS that a given property may not be exposed to flood
even though FEMA says it is in a flood zone.

Our mapping provides three layers of data such as:

  1. Elevation of a Specific Property by Address
  2. Type of Property – i.e., a park near a river with little exposure
  3. Values at Those Addresses

Leverage Data to Decrease Overall Rate

Of course the insurer must be persuaded that exposures are less than broad FEMA zones suggest and this is where
Alexander J. Wayne & Associates comes in armed with compelling visual evidence.

Our mapping program was developed in cooperation with DePaul University and has already proven effective with
Underwriters who are at risk with a large municipal pool.

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We have exclusive arrangements to offer this program to Municipal Pools.

Our Creative solutions turn your problem into a competitive advantage.

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