This new insurance product has just been developed and is now being offered to Municipalities to purchase for the benefit of Police Officer’s Spouses.

Joint-Asset Protection Policy Provides Police Officer’s Spouse with Insurance Protection for spouse’s share of assets following a Punitive Damage Judgment Against the Police Officer

The coverage is offered by a Specialty Lines Insurance Company. You can secure a quotation for this product via the exclusive Program Administrator.

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Did you know?

  • On average one police officer every week is assessed a punitive damage judgment.
  • During 2010 there were 6613 law officers involved in reported allegation of misconduct. Such allegation may give rise to civil actions and possibly of a punitive award against the police officer.
  • The average punitive damage judgment in 2012 was more than $100,000.
  • The spouse share of joint assets used to pay an award can be as much as 50% of the award.

Target Accounts

  • City, county, and state governmental entities that employee police officers.

What Does It Cover?

  • Coverage for the innocent spouse or family member of a police officer or covered employee who is required to pay a punitive damage judgment.
  • Provides up to $50,000 for the spouse’s share in the joint assets used to pay a punitive damage judgment…often enables the spouse to keep their home.
  • Defense within the limit.

What Are The Coverage Triggers?

  • Punitive damage judgment against the police officer provided that award is made within the policy term.
  • Insurer is capable of considering coverage for police misconducts that had occurred prior to the initial effective of the policy…provided that the punitive judgment is awarded during the policy term.

Benefits to Public Entity

  • Expanded coverage to more fully protect police officer employees.
  • Possible labor negotiation alternative.

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